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Bullfrog Jumped is a collection of songs sung by mothers, grandmothers, school teachers, babysitters, and children across Alabama. During the summer of 1947 they sat at their kitchen tables and on their front porches in front of a portable disc recorder and enthusiastically shared their favorite folksongs with Professor Byron Arnold, a “songcatcher.” They wanted children to learn them and sing them for many years to come.

In 2006 the Alabama Folklife Association assembled 42 of these folksongs and games and released them as Bullfrog Jumped, a CD with a 72-page booklet that contains the words to all of the songs and gives information about the singers. It can be ordered from the AFA Bookstore . To further enhance our understanding of the songs and to encourage parents and teachers to sing them with young people, the AFA has developed a learning guide as well as detailed essays on Byron Arnold and the histories of the Bullfrog Jumped songs.

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