The Colored Sacred Harp

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The Colored Sacred Harp is a collection of shape-note songs composed and arranged by African-American musicians in southeastern Alabama and published in 1934. The driving force behind the publication of this song book was Judge Jackson, whose son Japheth Jackson and friend Dewey Williams, sing on this recording along with other Jackson family members and friends in their inimitable, straight-from-the-heart style of singing. The collection includes “Florida Storm,” a favorite of the Wiregrass Singers, written by Judge Jackson.

  • Prayer/Come to Jesus Now
  • Alone
  • The Signs of Judgement
  • Florida Storm
  • Shout and Sing
  • Jesus Lives in My Soul
  • My Friend
  • Call Upon the Lord
  • Welcome Address/Jesus Rose
  • My Mother’s Gone
  • Rejoice and Sing
  • Prosperity
  • Am I a Soldier of the Cross
  • It is Finished


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