Cornbread Crumbled in Gravy: Historical Alabama Field Recording from the Byron Arnold Collection of Traditional Tunes


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audio cassette only with accompanying booklet

In June and July of 1947 Byron Arnold, a professor of music at the University of Alabama, drove across the state of Alabama recording folk songs. The University of Alabama Press published his resulting book, Folksongs of Alabama, in 1950 but it was not until 1992 that any of Byron’s recordings reached the public via this collection produced by the Alabama Folklife Association. Included here are 14 beautifully sung pieces, selected by Joy Baklanoff, and a 70-page guide, prepared by John Bealle, which includes biographical information about Arnold as well as information about the singers, the songs, and Arnold’s experiences in recording them. Audio cassette only comes with the included booklet.

  1. Frog Went A-Courting: Mrs. Emma S. Craig, Florence
  2. Paper of Pins: Mrs. Emma S. Craig, Florence
  3. Tall Angel at the Bar: Rev. Alex Fountain, Florence
  4. Song for Tamping Ties: Stence Crozier, Gadsden
  5. Valley-O: Mrs. Janie Barnard Couch, Guntersville
  6. Low Down, Death, Right Easy: Vera Hall Ward and Dock Reed, Livingston
  7. Go to Sleepy: Mrs. Laurie Cater Carleton, Grove Hill
  8. In that Land: Vera Hall Ward and Dock Reed, Livingston
  9. My Southern Home: Venetia Danner McClure, Mobile
  10. Got on My Traveling Shoes: Hixon Harmony Five, Atmore Prison
  11. I want my Crown: Hixon Harmony Five, Atmore Prison
  12. Marching Around the Levee: Pansy S. (Mrs. C.G.) Richardson, Pensacola, Florida
  13. I Got Shoes (Shout All over God’s Heaven): Mrs. Theckla Jones and 4 members of the Greater Mt. Triumph Baptist Church Choir, Atmore.
  14. Mockingbird Song: Mrs. Isabel Tipton, Birmingham
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