In the Spirit: Alabama's Sacred Music Tradition

Audio snippets: 

Essays on shaped-note singing, Dr. Watts hymns, Psalm singing, bluegrass gospel, a capella gospel quartets, moaning, and more. Packaged with CD (or cassette, if requested) providing beautiful examples of the various forms of sacred music.Edited by Henry Willett, articles include: "The African-American Covenanters of Selma, Alabama" by Henry Willett; "The Moan-and Prayer Event in African-American Worship" by Willie Collins; "Singing 'Dr. Watts': A Venerable Hymn Tradition Among African Americans in Alabama" by Joyce Cauthen; "Sand Mountain's Wooten Family: Sacred Harp Singers" by Buell Cobb; "Judge Jackson and the Colored Sacred Harp" by Henry Willett; "The Deasons: A Christian Harmony Family" by Anne H. F. Kimzey; "Seven-shape-note Gospel Music in Northern Alabama: The Case of the Athens Music Company" by Charles Wolfe; "Shape-Note Gospel singing on Sand Mountain" by Joyce Cauthen; "Of related interest--convention Gospel singing in Alabama" by Fred C. Fussell; "Community and the Jefferson County, Alabama, Gospel Quartet Tradition" by Doug Seroff; "Cry Holy Unto the Lord: Tradition and Diversity in Bluegrass Gospel Music" by Jack Bernhardt; "Of related interest--Margie Sullivan: Mother of Bluegrass Gospel" by Erin Kellen.
Packaged with the book is a CD with selections that illustrate each of the essays:

  • RAGAN: The Wootten Family singing in 1995 from The Original Sacred Harp 
  • KING OF PEACE:  The Wootten Family, 1995
  • NO MORE DYING: Bluegrass gospel from the Sullivan Family, 1992
  • PSALM 23 B “CRIMOND”: Psalm Singing Covenanters of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Selma, 1994
  • PSALM 133A “AZMON”: Psalm Singing Covenanters of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Selma, 1994
  • I HEARD THE VOICE OF JESUS SAY, COME UNTO ME AND REST: “Dr. Watts” hymn sung at Ramah Baptist Church, Letohatchee, 1990
  • GLORY SHONE AROUND: Sacred Harp singing in Dothan, 1938, led by Judge Jackson and recorded by John W. Work, III
  • MERCY SEAT: Sung from Lloyd’s Primitive Hymns by Donald Smith and Dough Wyers, Deason Family Reunion, Eoline, 1994
  • RAYMOND: Christian Harmony hymn sung by at Deason Family Reunion, 1994
  • BESIDE THE GOSPEL POOL: “Dr. Watts” hymn sung at Mt. Pleasant Primitive Baptist Church, Birmingham, 1994
  • BOUND FOR THE SHORE:  Southern gospel song recorded at a rehearsal of the Brown’s Ferry Four, 1942. Singers were Alton and Rabon Delmore, Lewis “Grandpa” Jones, and possibly Ramona Jones.
  • HE’S MY HELP IN THE TIME OF NEED:  Southern gospel song written by Wayne Guffy and sung at North Alabama Singing Convention at Snead State Community College, 1995.
  • GOLDEN BELLS: A cappella music by theBig Four Singers of Bessemer, recorded in 1941 for Library of Congress by Robert Sonkin
  • MOANING: Recorded at revival service at Spring Hill Baptist Church, Cotton Valley, 1991
  • WHEN JESUS PASSED BY: Bluegrass gospel sung by Jerry and Tammy Sullivan, 1993  
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