Tributaries Issue 13: Alabama's Food Traditions


A mouthwatering read just in time for the holiday season, Tributaries #13 will present Alabama's food traditions such as stews, barbecue clubs, gumbo, lacy cornbread, and sweet potato pie as well as other topics that might remind you of some of your favorite home cooked meals or shared experiences with friends and family.  Contributors to the journal include Linda Vice, an Alabama Community Scholar and member of the AFA Board of Directors;  Sylvia Stephens, former Secretary to the AFA Board of Directors and also an Alabama Community Scholar;  and Jessica Lacher-Feldman, another esteemed member of the AFA Board of Directors.  Director Emeritus, Joyce Cauthen, contributed an essay and so did other Alabama Community Scholars, William S. Allen, Emily Blejwas, and Susan Thomas.  Another contributor, Valerie Pope Burnes, Director of the Center for the Study of the Black Belt, University of West Alabama, has worked on contract with the AFA to conduct fieldwork.  Allen, Cauthen, Stephens, and Thomas have also completed research for the AFA.

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